About us

Tsogang Sechaba provides orphaned and vulnerable children with daily nutritious cooked meals at the centre and in 6 primary schools and a safe environment to play. We have educational toys and supportive counselling. The project assist children with late birth registration and after school children are assisted with home works; there is a child care forum once a week.


Our child care forum creates a platform for the children to speak out.

The children can choose their own topics which are typically focused on issues affecting adolescents.

Peer pressure, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, puberty and body care etc.

We put emphasis on homework and computer literacy.

Research on children and HIV/AIDS demonstrates that education can contribute to significant improvements in the lives of orphans and vulnerable children and their families PEPFAR, 2012).

. We render statutory work by assisting with applications for late birth registration social grants.


“To Build a Sustainable Future for Vulnerable Children made vulnerable by HIV/ AIDS epidemic and Child Headed Household through Social, Economic, Education and Environmental Emancipation”


- TSCP will at all times strive to provide support both material and psychosocial, to the most vulnerable in society with the stated aim of lessening the impact of HIV and AIDS.

Goals & Objectives

Goals # 1- To lessen the impact of HIV/AIDS by taking care of orphans and vulnerable children.

Objectives#1.1- providing a nutritious balanced cooked meal to orphans and vulnerable children.

Objective#1.2 - support children emotionally and psychologically

Objective# 1.3 - Strengthening families as primary caregivers of children

Objective# 1.4 - to provide peer education on HIV prevention, skills training and counselling to orphans, vulnerable children, youth and people living with HIV/AIDS

Areas of Work

. Counselling on all related social problems (HIV & AIDS, Bereavement,

. Provision of Food and Clothing to Orphans and to the surrounding community at large

. Late Birth Registration

. Home based Care.

. Education